Intility Property InfrastructureOptional service

Intility Property Infrastructure is a complete network and security solution for commercial buildings. The solution covers all types of network needs within building technical networks and operational facilities, tenant production networks, network integrations, and public networks for building guests.

The platform service supports a modern, secure, and well-functioning network that forms a digital foundation for modern buildings, with a focus on satisfied tenants and sustainable solutions.

Intility takes 24/7 operational responsibility for the network, from the local network in each building, the core network, security architecture, and further to the internet and integrated cloud platforms.

Intility Property Infrastructure is developed to meet the requirements of various segments and functions in the building. This primarily applies to:

  • Property management
  • Users of the building (tenants, guests, operations personnel, etc.)
  • Building management system and sensors that support daily building operations

Shared services and public services in the building, such as collaboration solutions, meeting rooms, cafes, conference centers, and knowledge centers

Intility Property Infrastructure is delivered on an industrialized and pre-configured IT infrastructure and operational platform that is continuously updated and further developed. The underlying data center platform is geo-replicated across multiple data centers in the Oslo region and is designed to meet the highest requirements for stability, functionality, security, and performance.

The platform and the entire end-to-end network delivery are monitored 24/7, and all events that can affect service quality are handled by Intility's dedicated operation centers for security, network, and service monitoring.

Standardization of infrastructure, configurations, and operational tools means that Intility has in-depth expertise in the network platform for each individual building on Intility. Standardization on Cisco infrastructure also forms the foundation for continuous automation work that benefits all companies on Intility in the form of faster processing of changes, proactive error correction, and more. 

Managed Operational Technology Platform

Each technical network on Intility is delivered on a pre-built and standardized network architecture developed with security and uptime in mind. This applies to building technical systems, IoT sensors, and information exchange across users and services. The network architecture is based on extensive experience in establishing and operating networks for SD systems, BAS, EMS, and IoT solutions.

By establishing a building technical system on Intility Property Infrastructure, it is implemented on the OT platform and the system's network architecture follows the Purdue model, an industry standard that ensures network segmentation and security monitoring for relevant devices and network interfaces. On top of the architecture, policies, IP ranges, MAC addresses, SGTs, and AD groups are aggregated into a business logic that Intility uses for network automation. This forms the basis for remote access, network authentication, and general system documentation made available in a customer interface.

Remote access to the systems is managed through privileged access management made available through a dedicated landing zone for administration of the customer's building technical network. The solution ensures that all work performed by third parties is logged and documented with a rationale, and made available as video recordings upon request. The traffic is initiated from a secure workspace managed by Intility, ensuring that no malware can be transferred from the supplier's PC to the building technical system.

Accesses are segmented in a firewall based on an AD membership that represents the network to which the user should have access. This ensures that third-party accesses are limited to least privilege.

Operating partners who deliver top systems from their own cloud are integrated with Intility through a central security platform, via VPN or NNI. Therefore, the top systems are implemented securely within the security architecture.

Commercial Network Platform

The Commercial Network Platform offers a set of standardized network solutions designed to meet the needs of a modern commercial building intended for leasing:

  • Permanent tenants who require a stable network connection and the ability to integrate with their primary IT platform through a shared Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  • Building users who need internet access for periods of time using co-working spaces or shorter lease agreements.
  • Public guest network for visitors of the building or users of customer centers, conference centers, knowledge centers, and similar facilities.
  • Service providers such as cafes, bars, and other businesses that require connectivity to their proprietary devices such as bank terminals, tablets, and similar devices.

A common expectation for these use scenarios is uptime and seamless interaction with the wireless network and services provided in the building. Intility fulfills these requirements through industry-leading authentication solutions and guest network portals made directly available to users and administrators of the property.

The service responsibility includes 24/7 monitoring and security patching of all network components in the delivery throughout the lifecycle. The network infrastructure exclusively utilizes managed Cisco Enterprise network equipment, which, combined with Intility's 24/7 monitoring and event handling, ensures optimal performance and security on the network.

To ensure service quality and insight for stakeholders in the building, Intility offers interfaces built on top of Cisco DNA Center. These interfaces can provide customers and tenants with vital insight into their own network. This can be used for troubleshooting or collaboration with Intility's operations centers, for example. An example of such a customer interface can be seen in the figure below. Here, the customer has access to topology and real-time data down to the port level of their own network.

Example of real-time network insights in the building

Other key components of the Commercial Network platform are redundant, central WLAN controllers located in Intility's data centers, as well as a central authentication engine that handles authentication requests and policies. This solution supports a continuous development pace for customers' network environments. With central upgrades on the WLAN controller, new features, improvements, and security updates will be rolled out simultaneously for all customers on the platform, without any changes to the local infrastructure.

Intility Sustainability Dashboard

In the Intility Sustainability Dashboard, the customer gains insight into the carbon footprint of the network components in their own building. The purpose of this tool is to assist customers on Intility in registering, visualizing, and analyzing their carbon emissions over time. A set of carbon emissions is automatically calculated based on the data Intility has about the customer's IT environment – this could include consumption in Microsoft Azure, Intility InCloud, network devices, and clients. Additional emissions can also be recorded using a built-in carbon accounting module. Together, this can be utilized by the customer for sustainability reporting and potentially also provide end users with increased insight into their building.  

Clip from the Intility Sustainability Dashboard - showing the carbon footprint of all network components throughout the lifecycle in the building