Intility Lifecycle (ITAD)Optional service

Let Intility organize the retrieval, secure erasure and recycling or repurposing of your IT equipment. Intility Lifecycle provides a secure, environmentally friendly and convenient service at a fixed cost per packing unit. The service is delivered in collaboration with our partner Foxway AS. Combined, our customers have erased and recycled or resold 12 500 units and saved 1 719 tonn CO2* (15.08.2023)

Remember to deactivte "Find My Phone", disable BIOS password and to send us a list of the serial numbers of the computers that will be delivered.

Intility Lifecycle 

Intility is ready to assist you with your old electronic equipment through close collaboartion with the ITAD experts in Foxway. Intility Lifecycle is deliverd at a fixed cost and available for purchase in our webshop. Intility Lifecycle enables you to safely dispose of electronic waste and capture residual value from re-useable equipment.  


Appropriate packing materials is deliverd to your location. The type of packing material is dependent on the amount and type of e-waste. It could be a lockable brief case, cardbord box or lockable cabinet. After you recieve the packaging, you transfer the e-waste. After we recieve your notice we order the pickup of your package. Intility and our Lifecycle partner handles the rest. 


Our ISO-sertified (9001, 14001, 27001) partner guarantees that any data is securly ereased. You recieve a certificate of erasure when the job is done.


A PC or a phone of high quality can easily have tree different owners through its lifespan. Equipment being reused in new markets is more sustainable then having equipment collecting dust on a shelf. If the equipment is not fitting for reuse, the parts can be used as spare parts or be recycled. Out partner strives to re-sell the equipment locally when possible.


If the your equipment is resold, you will recieve compensation. The residual value is dependent on several factors and any costs related to refurbishing equipment is deducted from the compensation. More than 50% of the laptops delivered by our customers are resold. There are no hidden costs, and you will never be invoiced more than the fixed fee listed in our webshop. 

Step by Step 

  1. You ordrer the service in Intility Webshop. Please make sure the boxes or cabinets fit through doors, elevators etc. Also,  provide details about what and how much equipment in the comment.
  2. You recieve an e-mail confirmation on the order from Foxway. It contains the estimated date of delivery and the code to any lockable packaging
  3. You recieve the packing materials and transfer the equipment. 
  4. BIOS must be unlocked and "Find my iPhone" or similar services must be turned off. If not the equipment has no resale value. 
  5. Reply to the confirmation e-mail from Foxway when you want the equipment to be collected.
  6. When Foxway collects the equipment all units are registered, securly erased, reused or recycled. 
  7. You will recieve certificates of erasure and compensation from any resold equipment from Intility. Usually within 6-8 weeks of pick up.


What does it cost?Intility charges a fixed price for the service. The price is listed in the webshop. There are no other costs.  Intility Services
Should I include chargers?Yes, if not included, the cost of a new charger will be deductet from the settlement. 
What can I deliver?You can deliver any electronic products and E-waste. Please contact Intility at if you are unsure of what packaging to order. 
How is the settlement calculated?The residual value payed in the settlement is calculated based on the product value in the second hand market. Repairs, new chargers and physical damage of the equipment is deducted from the settlement. 
What about passwords etc?BIOS must be unlocked and services such as "Find my Iphone" must be turned off. Failure to comply wil render the equipment worthless.
How is the packaging delivered?The packaging is delivered to the front door/reception. You are responsible for moving the packaging inside the building an the packing of equipment. Please contact us ( fo help with this. Extra costs will incurr. 

Please contact us at if you require more information.